Conférence du 16 et 17 juin 2011

"L'Abondance naît de la justice".

Charles Gide

Association Charles Gide pour l’Etude de la Pensée économique
Conference at the University of Toulouse 1‐ Capitole (France)
June 16‐17th 2011.
Justice and Economics:
ancient doctrines and modern theories

Key speaker will be Professor Amartya Sen
(1998 Nobel Prize winner)



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Conférence du 16 et 17 juin 2011

Justice and Economics

ancient doctrines and modern theories

“I would argue that the nature of modern economics has been substantially impoverished by
the distance that has grown between economics and ethics”. Amartya Sen, On Ethics and
Economics, 1987, p. 7.
It is now over 20 years since Sen’s observation that economic thought had tried to develop its
epistemological autonomy by emancipating itself from the authority of ethics. But economists
increasingly recognize that the positive dimension of economic theory does not necessarily exclude
the normative dimension and that a condition for progress in economic knowledge is
interdisciplinary research to invent new forms of complementarity between these two.

Possible approaches to the theme of “justice” might include, among others:


* Theories of justice in historical perspective
* The question of justice in economic and political currents (liberalism, socialism, ...)
* Justice, exchange, barter and money
* Distributive versus commutative justice
* The “just” and the “good” in economic thought
* Justice in welfare economics
* History of social choice theory
* The equity versus equality debate
* Normative issues of public economics
* Justice and game theory
* Justice and sustainable development
* Justice and education …
* etc.

 Abstracts in French or English (of no more than 300 words for a paper, or 500 words for a session)
should be submitted before 15 th March 2011


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